As a boy, our friend Pat heard his grandfather’s dreams for improving the life of their tribe in the Doi Chang region of Thailand. Today, Pat is working to realize that dream, bringing new life to the Akha people by producing high-quality coffee. Still relatively undiscovered, the coffee produced by Abonzo has rich flavor and subtle tasting notes. And by offering a variety of different processes (Washed, Natural, Honey Process, Peaberry) one can appreciate the subsequent affects in the flavor of their daily cup.



In the Gagenke district of the Northern province of Rwanda, a modest female-run cooperative is working hard to produce a quality product. By helping small-holding women coffee farmers to market their coffee to the world, 3 African Sisters Coffee is improving the lives of individual families in the area. We are proud to honor their first story by offering this coffee in two different roast profiles: one for those who appreciate the citrus sweetness and another for those who prefer a slightly deeper roast.



Burundi coffee is the Cinderella of the coffee world: hidden, misused, misunderstood and neglected. For 50 years after Belgians first started planting the crop, the country was only able to produce commodity coffee. Long Miles Coffee Project is helping farmers grow and craft coffee through mentorship and sustainable practices, and finally Burundi coffee is finding its long-awaited place in the limelight. In the cup, this coffee blushes bright with notes of raspberry accented with citrus with a floral finish.

our committments

We run our business with two visions in mind: one for the development of quality crops, businesses, and lives in coffee growing regions; and another for the improvement, benefit, and enjoyment of our coffee-drinking customers and their communities. We purchase and sell relationally-sourced, single-origin beans from only a few select coffee farms. 

 We roast in small batches on a San Franciscan 3-kilo roaster. This artisanal style allows us to have greater control over the quality of our product.